Invited speakers

Invited speakers

Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

Joint session

Area 1

Policy, market, deployment, energy management, and related technologies

Sub area 1-1

Policy, market, deployment


Market developments and challenges in Australia

Dr. Linda Koschier (Australian Photovoltaic Institute, Australia)


A critical review of PV circular economy research

Dr. Garvin Heath (IEA PVPS, NREL, USA)

Sub area 1-2

Energy management and related technologies


Achieving grid stability with high penetration of PVs- R&D of grid forming inverter

Dr. Jun Hashimoto (AIST, Japan)


The role of grid-forming inverters in future power systems

Dr. Ben Kroposki (NREL, USA)


"State of the art solar resource assessments and forecasts" / Activities of IEA PVPS Task 16

Dr. Jan Remund (Meteotest, Switzerland)

Area 2

Advanced applications and core technologies for massive installation

Sub area 2-1

Solar to X


Design and characterization of integrated systems for solar fuel production

Dr. Francesca Maria Toma (LBNL, USA)


Formate production from CO2 and water using a 1m2-sized artificial photosynthetic cell with a solar-to-chemical conversion efficiency of 10.5%

Dr. Naohiko Kato (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., Japan)


Characterizing CO2 reduction catalysts on gas diffusion electrodes: Comparing activity, selectivity and stability of transition metal catalysts

Mr. Mark Sassenburg (Delft Univ. Tech., the Netherlands)

Sub area 2-2

Advanced applications of photovoltaics


High-efficiency commercial multi-junction photovoltaic laser power converters for various power and spectral range applications

Prof. Simon Fafard (Broadcom, Canada)


Evolution of sensitization-based photovoltaic cells for diverse applications

Prof. Jae-Joon Lee (Dongguk Univ., Korea)


Demonstration test of EV equipped with a solar power generation system that utilizes solar energy for driving

Dr. Tsutomu Tanimoto (Nissan Motor Corp., Japan)


Next generation of low-cost solar arrays for space applications

Dr. Martin Kroon (Airbus, the Netherlands)

Sub area 2-3

Field performance of photovoltaic systems and related issues


Single-axis trackers: More energy with intelligent tracker control

Dr. Kyumin Lee (Array Technologies, USA)


Progress in precise and reliable outdoor performance measurements of photovoltaic modules

Dr. Masahiro Yoshita (AIST, Japan)


Developments concerning the re-use of decommissioned PV modules

Mr. A. S. H. van der Heide (imec, Belgium)

Area 3

Photovoltaic modules, solar cells, advanced materials, sophisticated processes, cell and module characterizations

Sub area 3-1

Wafer-based silicon photovoltaics and related technologies


The re-discovery of hot-wire/catalytic CVD for high efficiency silicon solar cells

Dr. Kaining Ding (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany)


Transparent crystalline silicon solar cells and modules

Prof. Kwanyong Seo (UNIST, Korea)


Recent development in high efficiency silicon heterojunction solar cell technology

Dr. Shi Yin (Longi, China)


Sustainable aluminum metallization processes for photovoltaics terawatt era

Dr. Kosuke Tsuji (Toyo Aluminium, Japan)


Challenges for silicon heterojunction technology: from raw materials to energy production

Dr. Wilfried Favre (CEA-Liten, France)


Manufacturing high-efficiency n-type crystalline Si solar cells with poly-Si based passivating contacts

Dr. Robert Dumbrell (Jinko Solar, China)

Sub area 3-2

Organic and inorganic thin-film photovoltaics, III-V high-efficiency devices and related technologies


Grain boundaries and dislocations in various photovoltaic materials

Dr. Daniel Abou-Ras (HZB, Germany)


Development and prospects of Cu2O tandem solar cells

Dr. Soichiro Shibasaki (Toshiba Corp., Japan)


Machine learning and fast experimental screening-assisted development of next-generation solar cell

Prof. Akinori Saeki (Osaka Univ., Japan)


Organic solar cells processed from environmental-friendly solvents

Prof. Thuc-Quyen Nguyen (UC Santa Barbara, USA)

Area 4

Perovskite and emerging photovoltaics, advanced materials, sophisticated processes

Sub area 4-1

Perovskite photovoltaics and related technologies


Efficient and stable all-perovskite tandem solar cells and modules

Prof. Hairen Tan (Nanjing Univ., China)


Highly efficient large-area perovskite solar cells using modified new electron transfer layer

Dr. Dong Suk Kim (KIER, Korea)


Flexible perovskite solar cells for power sources in a low carbon society

Dr. Senol Öz (Saule Technologies, Poland)


Device operation mechanism and high efficiency design of perovskite solar cells

Prof. Takashi Minemoto (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan)


Materials and interfaces engineering for perovskite solar cells

Dr. Takurou N. Murakami (AIST, Japan)


Materials chemistry for commercialization of perovskite photovoltaics

Prof. Atsushi Wakamiya (Kyoto Univ., Japan)


Materials and process development for efficient module perovskite solar cells toward commercialization

Dr. Takeru Bessho (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)

Sub area 4-2

Emerging materials and game-change technologies


Thermodynamics of emerging photovoltaic concepts

Dr. Andreas Pusch (UNSW, Australia)


Bulk photovoltaic effect of two-dimensional materials in polar structure

Dr. Yijin Zhang (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)


Perovskite quantum dots for solar cells and beyond

Prof. Lianzhou Wang (Univ. Queensland, Australia)

Joint session

Area 3&4: Future tandem solar cells for extreme high efficiency


High efficiency Perovskite/hetero-junction crystalline silicon tandem solar cells

Dr. Kenji Yamamoto (Kaneka Corp., Japan)


High-performance perovskite-CIGS thin-film tandem solar cells and mini-modules

Dr. Fan Fu (EMPA, Switzerland)



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