International Photovoltaic Science
      and Engineering Conference

Recipients of awards

The PVSEC Award is accorded to a person who has been devoting oneself to the progress of photovoltaic science and engineering for many years, belonging to the PVSEC society, in principle.
The PVSEC Sperical Award is accorded to a person or group who has been contributing a great deal to the growth of photovoltaic industrial technology, or who has been actively participating in public-policy-making or the like.
This award is established by the WCPEC-6 Organizing Committee in 2014 to honor the outstanding contributions of _ Emeritus Professor, Yoshihiro Hamakawa _ (Osaka Univ.) _ to photovoltaic sicence and technology development. The purpose of the award is to recognize scientists and engineers who have made outstanding research and technological accomplishment, and creativity of PV energy conversion (new concepts, new materials nad new devices).

1996 PVSEC-9 Yoshihiro Hamakawa
(Ritsumeikan University)
Tadashi Sasaki
(International Center for Material Research and a Consultant to Sharp Corporation)
1998 PVSEC-10 (WCPEC-2) Yukinori Kuwano
(SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.)
-  -
1999 PVSEC-11 Makoto Konagai
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Kazuo Inamori
(Kyocera Corporation)
2001 PVSEC-12  Choong-Hyun Chung
(Yonsei University)
 Dong-Won Kim
(Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy(MOCIE))
2003 PVSEC-13 (WCPEC-3) Tadashi Saito
(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Satoshi Iue
(SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.)
2004 PVSEC-14 Somsak Panyakaow (Chulalongkorn University)

Porponth Sichanugrist

Wandee Khunchornyakong
(Solartron Public Co., Ltd.)

Chai Chewagate
2005 PVSEC-15 Rongqiang Cui
(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Yuwen Zhao
(Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute)
Dinghuan Shi
(Counselor of The State Council)

Zhengrong Shi
(Suntech Power Co.,Ltd.)
2006 PVSEC-16 (WCPEC-4) Kosuke Kurokawa
(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
 -  -
2007 PVSEC-17 Kenji Yamamoto (Kaneka Corporation) Osamu Ikki
(RTS Corporation)
2009 PVSEC-18  Subhendu Guha
(United Solar Ovonic Corporation)

S. P. Gon Chowdhury
 Prasanto Sakhamuri
(Hind High Vac Ltd.)
2009 PVSEC-19 Jinsoo Song
(Korea Institute of Energy Research)
Boo Sup Lee
(Dongjin Semichem. Co., Ltd.)

Wan-Keun Lee
(Shinsung Holdings Co., Ltd.)
2010 PVSEC-20 (WCPEC-5)
2011 PVSEC-21 Masafumi Yamaguchi
(Toyota Technological Institute)

Makoto Tanaka
(Panasonic Corporation) 

Yoshihisa Tawada
(Kaneka Corporation)

Jun Arai,
Shigeaki Kameda,
Katsumi Kushiya

(Showa Shell Sekiyu K. K. and Solar Frontier K. K.)

2012 PVSEC-22 Deren Yang
(Zhejiang University) 
 Sicheng Wang
(Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC))
2013 PVSEC-23  Chuck Hsu
(Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. (SAS))
 Simon Tsuo
(Motech Industries, Inc.)

Sam Hong
(Neo Solar Power Corporation)
2014 PVSEC-24 (WCPEC-6) Tatsuya Takamoto
(Sharp Corporation)
Michio Kondo
Makoto Konagai
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Hironori Katagiri
(Nagaoka National College of Technology)
2015 PVSEC-25 Koeng Su Lim

Sang Il Seok
Sang Bong Lee
(LG Electronics)

Dong Kwan Kim
(Hanhwa Q CELLS Co., Ltd.)

Eun-Chel Cho
(Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.)
Nam Gyu Park
(Sungkyunkwan University)
2016 PVSEC-26 Thomas Reindl
(Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS))
Edwin KHEW
(Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore(SEAS))


Armin G. Aberle
(Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore(SERIS))

2017 PVSEC-27 Yoshihiro Hishikawa
Izumi Kaizuka
(RTS Corporation)

Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA)

Tsutomu Miyasaka
(Toin University of Yokohama)